The UK Tier 2 General Visa Sponsorship is for skilled professionals visa to come to the UK with a skilled job offer to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a resident worker.

It is an employer based process in which the sponsoring company will apply on behalf of the applicant. The Candidate should have the certification of sponsorship form the sponsoring company.

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Our Immigration Consultant team performs a detailed assessment on applicant’s profile & reviews your age, education, profession, work exper
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ience, personal assets and other necessary requirements.

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The UK Tier 2 Visa quota is blocking NHS doctors from outside the EU and NHS hospitals are struggling to fill the skill shortages. The UK Home office is denying the entry of these doctors. The NHS has blamed that UK Tier 2 Visa quota is blocking the entry of non-EU migrants. The limited sponsorship certificates quota was decided 7 years back. It has already exhausted its quota, as quoted by the Work Permit.

The employers who intend to employ foreign citizens through Tier 2 visas also must have a sponsorship license for this visa. Several overseas doctors are stranded offshore as their COS a
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pplications for Tier 2 visas were rejected. It is required to secure a Work Visa under the Tier 2 category.

Overseas doctors are being denied entry to the UK. This is in spite of them having passed interviews and compulsory test for the English language. They have also received the mandatory General Medical Council certificate to work in the UK.

The doctors who possess priority status are passing through the UK migration system. This includes pediatricians and emergency medics. On the other hand, junior doctors that have been hired for positions such caregivers for elderly are being stuck. It also includes surgeons and this is putting immense stress on NHS staff during the winter period.

An NHS source said that the rejections by UK Home Office have reached crazy levels. 50,000 operations have been canceled in January alone owing to the winter crisis, added the source. On the other hand, UK migration experts have criticized the yearly quota for skilled overseas workers. This is divided into monthly quotas and the annual limit is fixed at 20,700.
The Tier 2 work permit system replaces the old UK Work Permit system. Work
Permit For UK are applied for by employees who are coming to the UK to fill a
vacant position that cannot be

filled by a British citizen and who have confirmed sponsorship from a licensed
UK employer.

It is vital that the employer can show that the business is genuine and that there is a genuine requirement for the intended role. In addition, the proposed employee must be suitably skilled

and/or qualified for the vacant position, meeting the basic requirements and
passing the Tier 2 points test.

In o
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rder for an employer to be able to obtain a work permit, in most cases they
must first be able to prove that they had advertised the position nationally and
could not fill it with someone

from inside the European Economic Area.

Note: If you are looking to fill a position on the Shortage Occupation List it does
not need to be advertised.

Employer Sponsorship Licence Requirements

In order for an employer to sponsor a foreign worker, the employer must first
have an Employer Sponsorship Licence.

There are 4 categories of Tier 2 work permits:

Skilled Worker – the Tier 2 skilled worker category is for people with a specific

skilled job offer in the UK who are needed to fill a temporary gap in the labour

Intra-Company Transfer – the intra-company transfer category is for people who
are being transferred to a UK branch of their organisation.

Sports People – the sports people category is for elite professional athletes and

Minister of Religion – the minister of religion category is for workers within a
bona fide religion.

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UK Tier 2 Genaral Visa Changes Important for Employers

Tier 2 (General) visas are used by the businesses to sponsor skilled professionals required to work in its

industries. The present salary limit for new entrants is £20,800; this applies to all the occupations in demand

and some categories also need higher wages.

The UK Government based on the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), raised the visa

fee hike from £20,800 to £30,000. This will have a great impact on the industries normally relying on the Tier 2

visas for bringing professionals.

The S
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alary threshold will be £25,000 in autumn, and from April 2017 it will further increase by £5000 from

April 2017. The employer must adjust the policies to welcome more immigrants with these categories.

According to the MAC’s report, the salary threshold was set to £41,000, but Government did not stick to the

same. This means in the future course of time the chances of salary threshold may further rise.

The UK employers planning to recruit in the autumn can sponsor foreign nationals on previous salary threshold.

The visa permit will be valid for the next five years.

The Skilled shortage areas are exempt from the salary threshold, the occupations that provide emergency health

care services such as doctors, nurses and other key areas of education are relaxed from the salary threshold.

The newcomers, fresh graduates from the UK International Universities, must age below 25 their salary threshold

is £20,800.

The UK employer can fill the gap by recruiting the qualified new entrants through the Tier 2 Visa policy.

Post ‘Brexit the conditions of the immigration likely to change in the United Kingdom, the new policies, new

trends in migration will impact the migrant population in the United Kingdom.

The economic immigrants are most important to any economy in the current scenario; the movement of people

from the European countries is pressurizing the job market and public services.
UK critical skills visa consultants in Hyderabad

We would expect to have your case for a UK Work Visa within just a few weeks. Because the times and fees for processing are determined by the UK immigration authorities and not by us, we are unable to change either. We strongly recommend that our clients wait for their case to be approved before purchasing any tickets for travel, as the processing times are subject to constant change.

A New Life Abroad

Sometimes we have to take the difficult decision of moving away from our home country in order to find work elsewhere. This can be a re
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ally exciting, challenging time for us to grow both professionally and personally, and it’s why thousands of our clients come to us every month for their UK Work Permit needs. As we only employ the very best immigration experts to help our clients, you can be assured of a five-star service every time. Here, a client speaks of his experience with Work permit visa Consulting:

“I had been out of work for almost a year when I decided that I had to make a move. It took months and months for me to even find a suitable job in my home country and I needed to make a fresh start abroad, where there were more jobs. Leaving my home country wasn’t a decision that I took lightly but I felt that I had no other choice. I talked to my friends and family about moving and one of them recommended Work Permit Visa Consulting. She had used them to get a work permit for Canada and couldn’t speak highly enough of their service and professionalism, so I gave them a call. I spoke with my adviser about all of the different options that were open to me and I couldn’t believe the amount of choice that was open to me. After a while, we decided that the UK would be the best place for me to find work. Not only was it closer than America or Canada but the rates of pay there are some of the best in the world
The Tier 2 (General) visa is meant for individuals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and

Switzerland with a valid offer letter in a skilled job in the UK to move to United Kingdom. Before you apply for

the Tier 2 (General) visa, you must make sure that you have a certificate of sponsorship from a sponsor. Also, you

need to make sure that the work you will take up in UK is related to your sponsoring organization.

To be eligible for Tier 2 (General) category visa you must:

Have a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship from an organization that is a licensed spo
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Meet the English language requirement.
Have at least £945 funds to support yourself (No Need if your sponsor is A – rated).

If the permission to enter the UK under Tier 2 (General) Visa category is granted, you can have benefits :

Stay here for 3 years and Extendable for more 3 years.
Work for your sponsor.
Do a second job in the same sector and at the same level as your main job for up to 20 hours per week.
Do a job which has a shortage of workers in the UK for up to 20 hours per week.
Take up voluntary work.
Study as long as it doesn’t interfere with the job you’re sponsored for.
Travel abroad & return to the UK.
Bring family members with you.
Your spouse can have free dependent visa and he/she can work over there.
Children will get free education up to 12th
Eligible for PR after 5 years of period.

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